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1. Anyone, who feels his inner peace and is ready to spread the idea of peace among people (independently of age, colour of the skin, political, religious or national appurtenance, gender ...), can become a member of The White Dove Foundation (hereinafter the foundation).

2. A number of members in the foundation is not limited.

3. Each member of the foundation gets a membership card with his name, surname and the country of residence.

4. Membership in the foundation is voluntary, not obligatory and is based merely on belonging of the individual to the mission of the foundation, without paying the membership fee.

5. If member of the foundation wants to donate financial means to the foundation, money is deposited on the transaction account of the foundation.

6. The purpose and the goal of the membership in the foundation is basically the same as the one of the foundation, which is: TO SPREAD THE IDEA OF PEACE IN THE WORLD:
•  to spread the idea of peace into every pores of human life,
•  to get new members (to establish new friendly ties),
•  to help the foundation with its several activities,
•  to help announcing several activities of the foundation (informing people about the activities through the Internet, telephone, short message service, letters, direct verbal communication, media ...).

7. Members of the foundation have a discount (20 %) when buying products of the foundation (for example: lanterns for The Flame of Peace and Love, postcards, concert tickets, CDs, other products connected to The White Dove foundation ...).

8. Members of the foundation choose their coordinator and his assistant, who are responsible for coordination among members and for informing them about the happenings in the foundation. The coordinator or his substitute attend meetings of the board of directors when this is necessary and are in constant contact with the president or the founder of the foundation.

9. It is desired that members of the foundation are active and creative. New ideas and suggestions are welcomed. As far as an individual member longs for an event, becomes aware of a certain event in the society which should be responded to, he should immediately inform the coordinator or his substitute. The latter will then inform the board of directors who will research the matter and if it is in compliance with the mission of the foundation, the board will start an action for its realization.

10. Members of the foundation attend meetings, which are called by the coordinator or his substitute by the previous agreement with the president or the founder of the foundation.

The director of the membership in Slovenia:
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