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ambassadors of peace
• The Foundation is introducing a new term that is the Ambassador of Peace. Anyone, who with his life and work tries hard for peace in the world and is in the position to have an influence on a lot of people, can become the Ambassador of Peace. As a gift he receives a porcelain white dove - a shield sign of the foundation.
• Gianni gave the porcelain white dove to the head of the Roman Catholic church Pope John Paul II in 2002. The Pope was definitely a great “fighter” for peace. From his every speech one could hear his desire – to re-establish peace, to settle disputes peacefully without blood. Gianni was welcomed by Pope himself in the Vatican City. Pope John Paul II became the Ambassador of Peace.
• Gianni gave the second porcelain dove in 2003 to the leader of Tibetan Buddhists and the winner of the Nobel peace prize The Dalai Lama. He personally welcomed Gianni in Dhalamshara, India. The Dalai Lama became the Ambassador of Peace.

• Anyone, who receives the porcelain white dove, will become the Ambassador of Peace. This is not just an honour but an obligation as well – to live and to work for peace in the world!

• Who is next to become the Ambassador of Peace? Whom will Gianni give the next porcelain white dove? Do you have an idea? Who would you give it to?  
- Pope John Paul II
- The Dalai Lama
- Pope Benedict XVI

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Gianni Rijavec meets the Dalai Lama in Dhalamshara, India

The Dalai Lama’s dedication to the foundation and to Gianni

Gianni Rijavec and Pope John Paul II in the Vatican City

Gianni Rijavec and Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican City

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