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27.05.10 Concert in Srebrenica
Based on the visit and reception at the  Srebrenica municipality dr. Pavlović, Gianni-Slovenian musician and founder of the International White Dove peace foundation is going to have an independent concert on 31 May 2010 in Srebrenica. There will be held various events under the name "Days of Srebrenica." Municipality of the Srebrenica has invited Gianni to the festival as a musical guest.

Gianni Rijavec's concert titled "The Story of peace and love", where Gianni is going to present with music and video projection the International White Dove Peacemaker Foundation on the big opened stage at the platform in front of a primary school. This event  will also be an introduction to the major international peace concert organized by the International White Dove peace foundation in cooperation with the Assembly of the Srebrenica's municipality and non-governmental organization NGO Orchid next year in Srebrenica.
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