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11.06.10 Successful concert in Srebrenica
Gianni Rijavec returned from Srebrenica, after having an idependent concert, visited by huge number of visitors in town Skelani - the municipality of Srebrenica. Gianni  presented songs from the last album »The road to the heart« During his 2 hours lasting concert and there were two songs also in the Serbian language.

One of them is Wake me up - song that Gianni implemented at the festival in New Pazar, another one is Throught restlessness and passion, also made video clip fot that song with macedonian model Natalija Grubovic. At the concert, the musician, on behalf of  International White Dove Foundation, handed  computer to Skelani elementary shcool. The concert was organized by the NGO Orchid from Srebrenica, in cooperation with the Assembly of Municipality Srebrenica. This was also the prelude to preparation for the big international concert for Peace, which will be next year in Srebrenica, and will be organized by Peacemaker Internatioanl White Dove Foundation in cooperation with the NGO Orhideja and Srebrenica municipality.

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